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AmeriDeck for Pickups

The AmeriDeckô system provides the industry's most innovative means for pick-up truck loading and transport.  In addition to being a progressive truck loading system, the AmeriDeckô system allows users to detach the truck deck and leave it on the ground or they may change between any of the five truck decks currently offered from AmeriDeckô depending on their desired use.

The AmeriDeckô system allows the user to load up to 2,000 lbs. of equipment or materials from ground level, into a pick-up bed without the use of cables or winches in less than a minute.  Loading in this manner greatly reduces the likelihood of back and other lifting related injuries, commonly associated with truck loading.  Choose from any of the AmeriDeckô truck decks to suit your transportation needs.

Advantages - Convenience, Safety, & Simplicity
The SuperDeck is a powerful tool designed to make your job and/or your recreational activities much easier and safer. With the variety of uses almost limitless, the SuperDeck is being used daily for loading and transporting rental equipment, outdoor power equipment, Motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, and many other often difficult to load products.

Unlike the conventional lift gate, ramps, and trailers, the SuperDeck has a full 57"x 96" cargo deck that lowers to a ground level position for loading and unloading. This flat on the surface loading position allows the cargo to be loaded and secured without repositioning. In addition, the need to leave the ground and enter the truck bed is eliminated, along with the substantial increase in the risk of injury. Because all loading takes place on the ground, without any incline or ramps, one person can normally load and unload without assistance, greatly reducing manpower requirements. The possibility of damage to your cargo and your truck is also virtually eliminated by the ground level loading.

The SuperDeck is easily installed in any full-size pickup truck with an 8ft bed. Installation of the SuperDeck requires no alterations or modifications to the truck and can be accomplished by the average "do-it-yourselfer" in less than 2 hours with only a drill and common hand tools. After the initial installation the unit can be removed and reinstalled in less than 1 hour. When the time comes for a new truck the SuperDeck is simple to transfer to your new vehicle, while the original truck bed will be in perfect condition for trade-in or resale.

The SuperDeck Advantage:

  • Fast and Safe loading and unloading.
  • Damage free for both your truck and your cargo.
  • Reduces manpower requirements.
  • Simple installation.
  • No required truck modifications.
  • No interference with trailer hitches.
  • The SuperDeck truly lives up to its name.


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