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Heavy Duty Cargo Loading System
The ChoreMaster quickly transforms any full size pick-up truck into a versatile multi-purpose 3 in 1 utility vehicle. The ChoreMaster is a cargo loading system that will load up to 2000lbs from ground level into the truck cargo box with the touch of a button. The ChoreMaster is a dump body with over 40 cubic feet of capacity for loose material such as mulch, soil, stone, etc. The ChoreMaster container is easily detached from the truck mounted lifting arm for use as a "drop and leave refuse container. The solution to increased versatility and truck utilization, the ChoreMaster from AmeriDeck.

ChoreMaster Specifications
(Patents Pending)

  • 2,000 lb. load/lift/dump capacity
  • 42 cubic foot capacity cargo box
  • 45 dump angle
  • Hoist (lift arm, hydraulic cylinder
  • and 12 volt DC Power Pack)
  • Hand controller with 8 control pendant
  • Unit weight: 670 lbs

ChoreMaster platforms are connected with a "quick coupler" to allow fast interchanging of platforms to accommodate a large variety of loads.

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